EcoCharge 365


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EcoCharge365 - EveryDay Survival Powerbank

  • World's Most Advanced Powerbank
  • 300 Lumen Flashlight and FM Radio
  • Auto Solar Panel Charges
  • Works With Any USB Plug

Without power, you can soon be thrown into darkness with no idea what to do. You need the ability to communicate, a flashlight, and a way to maintain the power of both. EcoCharge365 is the answer.

  • Self-Power Radio
  • Crank the handle for 60 seconds to get five minutes of radio

  • LED Flashlight
  • 60-second hand crank for 30 minutes of light

  • USB charge
  • Can charge your USB devices such as mobile phones

  • Solar panels
  • Recharges its battery automatically by using sunlight when available