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CoolSleep - Deluxe Sleeping Pillow

  • Better Sleep Quality & Prevents Waking Up
  • Light, Foldable and Slim. Take it Anywhere
  • Cooling against Headache, Migraine or any Sore Area
  • Use With your Pillow or as Substitute

Still wasting your health and money away with sleep meds? This CoolSleep pillow really helps, without the use of a single chemical on your body...

  • Comfy high-density memory foam
  • The high-density memory foam promises a comfortable and bouncy surface for you to sleep on

  • Padded with cool gel on the top
  • Summer is coming and so are sweaty nights! Avoid them with a cool gel pad under your head

  • No bacteria, fungi or allergy
  • Let this pillow maintain a clean environment by preventing bacteria, fungi and allergens

  • Soothing aesthetic color combo
  • Enhance the aesthetic of your bedroom interior by adding soothing shades of white and blue